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ZPL Green Energy is an independent company involved in Renewable Resources in the form of Wind, Wave and Solar power. The company’s operations are based on the Gulf Coast with plans to provide reliable power to oil and gas production operations, refineries and electrical grids. ZPL Green Energy was formed in 2006 for the purpose of implementing renewable resource projects. The Company began with a presentation to MMS in order to gauge interest and seek information based on offshore wind and wave regulations. This meeting instigated a push for regulations that did not currently exist at that time. MMS was quick to begin implementation of regulations and guidelines that are now a matter of law. ZPL Green Energy is moving forward to implement renewable energy resources that work in conjunction with the oil and gas industry. ZPL Green Energy will provide renewable energy to process oil and gas and help reduce our carbon footprint. The use of renewable resources that provide a cleaner environment for all is the right thing to do.


To provide a clean renewable source of energy from wind, wave and solar that can be used to refine carbon based production. This process increases available energy resources while reducing the use of carbon fuels to operate refineries and other manufacturing plants.
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ZPL Green Energy is involved in the development of energy which is vital to sustain economic progress and development for the regions that we are involved in.

We will continue to acquire, exploit, develop, and deliver on our commitment effectively and efficiently while providing a safe healthy working environment for our employees.
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Core values

Integrity: We will be honest, ethical and respectful to others and ensure that all of our commitments are met. We will be held accountable for the actions of our company along with its success and failure.

Decisiveness: ZPL Green Energy is committed to doing the right thing, making the correct decisions and carrying out those decisions with energy, eagerness, and commitment.

Strong Work Ethic: Our work ethics reflect who we are and why we can achieve sustainable success. Our employees maintain these ethics as a way of life and our way of conducting business.

Team Work: We embrace the diversity of workforce. Yet, all of our team members will tightly co-operate with and assist each other to turn individual profession and talent into collective strength to achieve common goals.
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CEO Message

ZPL Green Energy is an independent renewable resource energy company focused on development of wind, wave and solar power generation. Our team is committed to building a reliable source of continuous power to assist in the reduction of the national carbon footprint. Wind, wave and solar energy will provide more power to the electrical grid as the technology and reliability improves. ZPL captures energy through these resources while utilizing existing infrastructure as support for the operations. ZPL partners with leading technology and construction companies to implement our operational plans while reducing overhead cost during startup. ZPL Green Energy business strategy is designed to enhance the value of the company while serving Read more »

Company Structure

Zachary P. Langley CEO
Larry Barker President & Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Hassan Yasin Head of Global Business Development
Hong Dao Vice President


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